Kivo Warranty

All Kivo products are built to last and built well. Most of our products will perform flawlessly for many years.

In the extremely unlikely event that there is an issue with your Kivo product, unless otherwise noted on the product, the following warranties applies

Kivo VITAL series of Panels

  • TWO year warranty

Kivo ELITE series of Panels

  • THREE year warranty


  • ONE year warranty

Kivo Accessories

  • ONE year warranty

How to claim

In the event of an issue with your Kivo product, making a claim is easy. Contact our support team detailing the issue, your receipt number, and your product serial number. We'll do all we can to assist, and if we determine that you need to return your product, obtain a RETURNS NUMBER, and ship your product back to us. We'll see if the product needs repair or replacement, and we'll ship it back to you at our expense.

If your product requires replacement or repair, the balance of the original warranty is applicable.

Warranties are not transferable, and apply to the original owner of the product.