Rent a Red Light Panel

Always wanted to use red light therapy? Don’t have the time to regularly go to a clinic? Cannot afford your own panel? You can now rent a red light device in the comfort of your own home, and use it when you want to, as often as you want to!

How does it work?

  1. Renting a unit is easy - browse the size and type of unit you want
  2. Contact us and we'll ask you to complete a rental agreement
  3. Pay for the number of weeks you would like the panel for and the deposit
  4. Choose whether you would like it delivered via courier, or you can pick the panel up yourself if you are in Vancouver - British Columbia
  5. Get delivery and enjoy!
  6. Opt to pay extra weeks if it works for you
  7. When you're ready, ship it back, or drop it off
  8. Once we've confirmed it's been received back in the same condition it was rented out, you get all your deposit back

Rent a Red Light Panel

Price is per week in CAD$, renter is responsible for either pickup or insured shipping costs from Vancouver, BC

The best news?

If you love your red light panel, you can opt to buy it ANYTIME and 100% of the money paid towards the rental gets taken off the retail price of the unit - it's win win!