How do I clean my KiVO?

Cleaning your KiVO is fairly simple, but these are electrical devices, so particular caution should be applied when you clean.

  • For KiVO Panels
    The front panel is made of acrylic, we recommend using a laptop / screen spray, and a soft microfibre cloth that is free from any dust or contaminants. As with any electrical device, do not spray directly onto the panel, but spray onto the cloth first and then the front of the panel. Do not use any chemical or abrasive cleaner, as these will invalidate the warranty concerning the area applied. For the surround, or the rear, our Vital Panels are constructed using durable heavy weight steel, our Elite Panels are constructed using an Aluminum Alloy - and only required a damp cloth & detergent such as Dawn.

    Do not get any liquid in any of the passive cooling holes, or any part of the electronics, sockets, or control panel - as this may be dangerous and invalidates the warranty.

  • For KiVO masks & neck panels
    Our LED masks & necks are constructing using durable food safe silicone, with a soft plastic protector. We recommend using a slightly damp cloth to clean both sides of the mask. For stubborn stains or marks, we recommend a tiny amount of Dawn dish soap applied with a damp cloth. Never submerge in any liquid.

  • For KiVO torches
    These are durable electronic devices, but never submerge them in liquid - a damp cloth with a tiny amount of Dawn will work to clean.
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